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Jennifer has been a faithful attendee of my classes for several years, before the studio even opened! I can always count on her for song suggestions and to research lyrics! I’ve enjoyed getting to know her and look forward to seeing her smiling face!! -April-

This is what she has to say...


I’ve been attending April’s dance class since 2017. I feel like everyone has a “soulmate” workout, and DanceFit is mine! I have never dreaded one single fact, I look forward to it every week. I know a lot of people who say, “But I can’t dance.” April’s classes are judgement free zones and as long as you are moving to the music, you’ll get a great workout.

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Susan may have a quiet presence in class, but she has a fiery personality and is always up for a challenge! I have loved hearing her stories of adventures over the years! -April-


I’ve been going to dance class for a couple of years now and I love it!! I’ve always considered myself a “Tomboy” and didn’t think I was right for dance class, but I burn so many calories. Shaking your booty is so much fun and I’ve met a lot of awesome people!! -Susan-